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he knows (⊙︿⊙✿)

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sehun ranking #1 as most playful

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chenchen in die jungs

chenchen in die jungs

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#photocard trade
#scammer photocard

Not sure if people have had problems with this seller/trader before but this is my first time being scammed unfortunately! Anyway this person went by the name kpopcardcollection on YouTube but closed their account (suspicious) and email kcardcollection@gmail.com. I traded her my Tao Overdose card in early July and sent my card at the same time. She received my card but I never received my Chen card that I traded for.

I emailed her and she said she would ‘resend’ it. Obviously it didn’t come in. I am completely convinced she is a scammer because she closed her YouTube account down soon after I asked her why my Chen card hadn’t arrived on the first occasion. I’ve been emailing her for about 2 weeks now and still have not received a reply, adding to my suspicions.

Anyway she might be scamming other people with different accounts and emails so these are her details:

Linda N.

*** Carleton St.

Berkeley, CA 94702


And wasn’t there a scammer who lived in Berkeley that everyone was having shit with last year or the year before? If it is the same person, shame on them.

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When someone calls me attractive image

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Growing up, all the voices around me were the same.

It wasn’t entirely a bad thing. Many of the values I learned that were repeated to me over and over again from my parents, teachers, and preachers were good values: be kind, help others, don’t judge. But all the voices were also mostly the…

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ot5 collage - requested by seoulers


ot5 collage - requested by seoulers

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chanyeol’s not putting up with your shit today baekhyun…

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cute Jongdae at the end of the photoshoot in the park

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